First activities that mark the birth of Latvian urban exploration and city art team “UrbanTrip” as an organization, have taken place at the ending of spring 2004. The main group is formed of visual arts adepts, basically photographers, whose purpose is the information of society about the social problems – mainly those which are determined by the urbanization and are connected with nature protection and a harmonious city development - in original, artistic way. At the same time “UrbanTrip” does not forget about art itself: many trips and excursions, whose purpose is to discover the beauty of the moment, are organized. Team is leaded by citizen journalist, blogger and photographer Jerry Sterns (Džerijs Šterns). Till then, "UrbanTrip" has cooperated with artists and urban exploration groups from Lithuania,Estonia, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

Expanded information:

Group picture during UrbanTrip's international project "The train: Riga-Dubulti"' (Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Sweden)